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lethious piecing it together
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she cried in my bedroom

periwinkle poison

truth be told,

this isn't a story's old.

a girl of broken molds.

to hold a heart so cold.

speaks of forth folding,

notifies her wistful lies.

doesn't realize,

she can't hide behind her eyes.

i can read her scripted lines.

the twitch of fright,

i might be right.

it happens every night.

the words that i recite,

the aura tells to fight.

to run from such a plight.

to sleight from i.

these thoughts of mine,

you know I tell them right.

don't you feel it inside?

all i have in mind.

you tell me what to write.

to light it bright?

or to disclose that night,

mustn't we mention it?

keep pretending you didn't cry?

nor a day go by,

to which it doesn't fly, 'cross my sky.

if twas not you,

then let's say,

tis i.

much more than desire,

our bodies did conspire.

spied through ultra-vi.

pearlescently descended,

to color periwinkle white.

to smite this quiet sprite.

oh your sight,

such simple delight.

to fret, like indict.

the shutter of your thighs.

to bite your pucker,

a cover of your cowardice.

why thy lie so still,

questions light as steel.

all i ask is for you

is to feel.


no need to squeal.

a home for you to heal.

a glow to stain your monotone,

paint the pain away.

lay on base,

don't you roam

to catacombs.

i will keep you safe.

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