oh what an afternoon

        oh what an afternoon afternoon stories

lethious piecing it together
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for love is brief and time is long

oh what an afternoon

for love is brief and time is long.

hold my grief,

for far too long.

i don’t speak.

sad love songs.

i hold what i think.

prisoned behind my teeth.

poach my ivory.

tasked with the tusk of me.

hallowed bones,

melodic monotones.

those who choose to hear,

the despair of which I fear.

rejoice in the life they had made.

glad ones own isn’t the life,

i made.

pan left to the gleaming leafs,

bestowed upon these lively trees.

acres of unmanned land.

oh, but a single chair.

white as the clouds that fill the air.

blue staines the mirror,

to which is our atmosphere.

beautiful day,

no one near.

the plains in which i roam.

i hope one comes soon.

for now i am alone,

to waste this afternoon.

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