Two Roads...
Two Roads... two-roads stories

lesliejyhI'm Always Here 4 U My Baby Ko
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Are we now In the Right way or In the wrong way?
There are a lots of questions In Life, But the Sure thing Is Living Life means Making Decisions every moment.
I believed that the most Important thing In making our Decisions Is that we are happy with It.
Thank You Readers and Writers! Thank You Commaful!

Two Roads...

by lesliejyh Thank you Readers and Writers! Thank You Commaful!

Two Roads In front of us

Two Different Roads Looks The Same In Living's Eyes Looks Like Its Asking Us to walk through It

Two Roads that has the Same Beginning

Two Roads That Has Different Ending One Road Maybe The Right Way One Road Maybe The Wrong Way

The Road that has a lot of Flaws maybe the Right Way?

The Road That Was So Smooth Maybe the Wrong Way? Where Is The Right Road? Where Is The Wrong Road?

What If the person you Want to be with Is In the Wrong Road?

Will You Choose To Walked On the Wrong Road To Hold On to that Person or Will You Still Choose the Right Road?

What If the Right Road that All the People Want you to Go to

Is Not What You Think Of? Will You Still Choose The Right Road Or Will You Just Choose To Go The Wrong Road Instead?

What Is Really the Right Road?

What Is Really The Wrong Road? Will The Right Road Still Be The Right Way Even If Your Not Happy With It? Will The Wrong Road Be The Right Way If Your Satisfied With It?

After All Life Is A Matter of Choices

After All Living Life Means Living With Multiple Choices Right Way Can Be The Wrong Way With One Wrong Decision Wrong Way Can Be The Right Way With A Lot Of Perseverance

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