Pretentious Girl!
Pretentious Girl! girl-of-the-night stories

lesliejyhI'm Always Here 4 U My Baby Ko
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This Poem Is about the True Feelings of a Night Girl or we most known as a Bar Girl. I wrote this POEM based on my Research and also with the Help of My So So Imaginations! I Always Believed that everyone has their Own Stories. And Living a Life means Surviving. And I believed This Is Why A Night Girl Is Made.? One Time I Heard a Saying In CD Its Says... Don't Hate the Person Who made a Mistake. Hate the Mistake Itself! Its Weird Right? But as Time Past I Understand It. It has a Great Point. Another words I heard In CD Is... Its Not Your Fault. Its this World's Fault. This World made you Into this. This Words are Weirder Right? Do you Believed In Fate?
Thank You Readers! Thank You Commaful!

Pretentious Girl!

by lesliejyh Thank You Readers and Writers! Thank You Commaful!

She's So Beautiful like an Angel

She's So Sexy That Every Guy Wants To Have Her For The Night She Smile So Lovely That Every Guy are So Fast In Opening Their Wallets She Is A Bar Girl, An Entertainer For The Night

She Smile and Laugh for You

Because She Wanted You To Felt The Comfort She Laugh and Laugh Even Though She Doesn't Completely Understood Why She Need To Laugh Because She Wanted To See You Happy

She's a Pretentious Girl

She's Pretending To Be Happy She's Pretending To Completely Understand You She's Pretending To Like What She's Doing

There are a Lot of Girls Who Live Like Her

Their Just A Simple Girls Who Work So Hard For A Living Their Just Like The Other Ordinary Girls Who Dreamed To Met Their Soulmates They Also Like To See The Smile Of Their Families

Inside of Her Bright Smile Is a Hot Tears

Inside Of Her Sweet Laughter's Is A Lonely Soul Inside Of Her Sexy Move's Is An Ordinary Yet So Friendly Girl A Girl Who Will Do Her Best To Be A Great Performer

Its Sad that the World Will Never Understand Her

That The World Will Always Try To Looked Down On Her That Even A Heart So Big Can't Give Her A Little Space That Even She Wants To Truly Love A Man, She's Afraid

She Felt that there's Always a Big Wall In Front of Her

She Felt So Lonely And Alone Because Of That Big Wall She Always Felt Nude Even Though She's Not She Always Felt The Icy Thorns In Her Heart and It Hurts Her So Much

Oh I Wish to See Her True Smile, Her True laughter's

To See Her Tears, Her Loneliness To See Her True Self To See The True Beauty Of This Girl Inside The Mask

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