Child At The Corner
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lesliejyhI'm Always Here 4 U My Baby Ko
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This Poem Is Based at The Old Times Story Little Match Girl. Street Children Also Needs Attentions. Lets Look at Them Even Once and Lets Try To Help Them If we Can. I Believed That All the Street Children can have A Better Future. I Also want to Give Credits to Google Search. Where I got 90% of the Images.
Thank You Readers and Writers! Thank You Commaful!!!

Child At The Corner

by lesliejyh Thank You Readers and Writers! Thank You Commaful!

At the Corner of a Street Is a Child

A Child So Pretty as Princess She's Wearing a Dress Like Rag She Got No Shoes Nor Money To Buy One

She Got an Eyes Clear as Water

She's So White, She Look So Pale Her Face and Body are So Slim Her Nails and Foot Looks Dark, Maybe Because of Dirt?

No One Look at her nor Glance at her

No One Help Her Nor Ask Her If She's Hungry or If She Felt Sick All are So Busy, So Busy Making Money, Busy Eating So Busy Talking and Smiling To Each Other, Busy Laughing

The Child at the Corner Closes her Eyes

The Child Died With A Tears On Her Face The Child Died Because Of Sepsis The Child Nails and Foot are Dark Because Her Blood Was Infected

If Only Someone Look at her or Even Glance at her

If Only Someone Asked Her If She Felt Sick If Only Someone Hold Her Even For A Short Time If Only Someone Sat With Her Even For A Little While

Maybe the Child at the Corner

Won't Died With A Tears On Her Face Maybe The Child At The Corner Won't Die

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