The Forensics Case pt 1
The Forensics Case pt 1 detective stories

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What will Detective Patterson do when all he knows and has learned over the many years of being a cop is put to the test? The gruesome and horrific murders will leave you just as confused and listless as the detective, care to take a gamble?

The Forensics Case pt 1


The sound of a button being pushed down echoed through the silent smoke filled detectives office, the sound was followed by the whirring of the machine coming to life.

It took a couple seconds before Detective Patterson spoke, he sat looking over the messy cherry wood desk where the audio recorder was, the police were files were scattered around,

most were on the desk but some overflowed and crowded the floor.

Almost half of them sat open stacked up on one another, only the tabs and clips were visible from under piles of more paper held together in the manila folders.

Lifting up one of the open files to read it's contents out loud Detective Patterson put his just lit cigarette into the ash tray filled to the brim with ashes and the remains of

the previous cigarette's. With a long exhale of smoke, the hardy and rough looking man spoke.

"Recording 001, October 11th, 1978. Detective Tom Patterson reporting what the media has dubbed the 'Shelling Case' that come into our jurisdiction two months ago."

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