Childish expectations
Childish expectations  upbringing stories
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leowncliffordbe Uneducated poet, Lyricist, rapper
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Childish expectations

Childish expectations

You've built a reflection of yourself that you can stand to see.

in the mirror getting thinner is who instead you've grown to be, not quite the sight you were imagining...

as you looked upon yourself, fourteen, wondering of the face you'd come to see when standing in the place you'd always dreamed. an astronaut a sportsman or any number of things.

You are not what you planned to be.

You are a culmination of decisions, choices out of the options of your own creation in retaliation to a given situation.

you are the end result of years of experimentation and you are now ready for your daily self evaluation.

You've built a reflection of yourself...It wears a smile for the world to see, so practice it religiously.

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