"You found the rat" WARNING: Extremely scary horror story
"You found the rat" WARNING: Extremely scary horror story horror stories

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(Just a quick note, this is a VERY scary story. I wrote it and even I am creeped out by reading it. This story was actually a nightmore that I had last night and I woke up panting. I have never been that scared from a dream before.

"You found the rat" WARNING: Extremely scary horror story

(Just a quick note, this is a VERY scary story. I wrote it and even I am creeped out by reading it. This story was actually a nightmore that I had last night and I woke up panting.

I have never been that scared from a dream before.

Maybe it is because some of the things in this story like the scratching sounds, the calling my father scared, the bruises, the power bill, are all real life things that have happened to me.

Anyway if you enjoy horror, let me know what you think! Alright, on to the story) "You found the rat" By: Leoshe

It had been several months since I had moved into my house.

It is an older styled home but the previous owners opened up the space upstairs and downstairs to make it more modern, to give the home a nicer flow to it.

All open kitchen, dining and then living room with a guest bathroom next to them, and then a master bedroom and a master bathroom.

So far that only problems I had had were the scratching of mice in the walls at night,

some household items would seemingly dissapear and the rediculous power bill that was double all of my neibours.

Noone has lived in the house for half a year before I moved in so the mice I understood but I was a very young girl who lived alone.

I had always turned off all lights and conserve as much power as I could. I had called the power company about the bill but they insisted my power meter was right.

Perhaps my water heater was broken, I told myself. I would have to get it fixed. My basement was a simple one room open layout.

It was a fairly small space, odd since the upstairs was much larger.

The real estate agent told me the previous owners also expanded the ground floor so it was much larger,so it made sence the basements foundaition was smaller. Or so I thought.

One night the scrathing in the walls was so loud next to my head in bed I could barely think. I almost went mad listening to it.

I muttered under my breath that they are more like rats than mice as I pounded my fists on the walls. That seemed to do the trick, the scrathcing stopped.

I had almost finally drifted into a peaceful sleep when I heard the slight creak of something.... A door perhaps? None of the doors in my house had made that sort of sound before.

Then it happened again a little more and stopped. It came from my basement.

Living alone can be scary, and I had already called my father to come check on the house and property before, certain someone was there.

I felt like a dumb child for being so scared of my own house.

I remembered how my father explained to me that when the wheather changes the rising and lowering in heat causes old house especially to creak.

I decided to take a deep breath and be a adult for once. I grabbed my phone just in case I lost my courage and whent downstairs.

Looking back, I wish I had gotten into my car right then and there and never came back. My basement was dark when peering down the staors except for a small beam of light.

Strange I thought, did I have a nightlight down there? Did I forget a light on? I switched the main light on and headed down, stopping in horror at the bottom.

The wall which had always been nothing but a wall was now pushed outwards, a secret door.

Inside the space was a harsh white light dangling above and the figure of a naked skeletal looking man staring out at me. "Oh" he snickered "you caught the rat." I dropped my phone and screamed.

He began to run towards me and I desperately ran up the stairs and out into my yard, screaming, begging for help.

When I turned around to look he was nowhere in sight and my neibours came running out to my aide and called the police. I couldn't walk, I lost all strength.

It took an hour before I could utter those chilling words "you caught the rat." After investigation the police found him, back in his hidden room.

He was found crouching on the floor which was covered in his own feces, surrounded by my missing household items, laughing uncontrollably.

They arrested him in shock, but they too began to understand the horror of the situation once they searched further.

The walls were covered in poloroid photos, all of me unconcious, and all had his pasty, bony hand resting on my thigh.

The police held off telling me this knowledge and interigating me further for weeks, I couldn't handle the shock. To this day I can't enter normal house's.

When they finally told me, everything made sence. It was always hard for me to fall asleep but when I did, I was a deep sleeper.

I would often wake up with bruises I couldn't account for, I always assumed my heavy lifting job was the cause. All of the bruises were on my legs.

My poloroid camera went missing, I assumed in the move. I figured it would pop up eventually after finally unpacking the last few boxes.

The power company was correct, my power meter was correct, he was living under my bedroom always with that harsh bright cold light on.

The last bit of news was the worst though, he would climb up and reach into the walls and scratch every night without fail, with his long cracked nails.

He would watch me though pin holes he poked through the walls from different angles, and all those times I called my father crying that someone was walking around my house, I was right.

After pounding on the wall that night, he thought I was fully asleep, and he decided to venture on up to my room again. He was watching me, listening to me, and ....

I can't even utter the rest of the words. "Thank god, I caught the rat."

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