"Too Late"
"Too Late"  earth stories

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You can't make change by hoping others will carry the burden. I hope it isn't too late.

"Too Late"

She warned them for years, yet nobody saw it coming so soon. "It won't happen in my lifetime" they all thought, disregarding the future of their children.

The extreme highs and lows of the temperature fluctuations were reported for years, and for political power it was treated as a way of being elected.

"We will go green if you vote for us," well what did this going green mean? They made us pay more money for plastic bags and cut down more trees to make paper bags.

They enforced mandatory recycling which all went to large sites that used large factories to "re use" what they could.

No one wanted to give up their comfortable lifestyles full of nice cars, large high rise towers, multi billion dollar corporations. Money, is all they cared about.

More money to help pay for their extravagant homes and their children's "futures." No one wanted to consider the fact that there might be no future for us. You see, the earth will survive.

For years it has had its own natural ways of dealing with overpopulation of specific species. Too much of one, something else will emerge that feasts on that species because of its abundance.

There has always been something to level the playing field of eveloution. What made them think they were safe from this law of nature? "Humans are smarter," I never believed this statement.

They have seen the warnings, warnings they would not have had to of seen if they didn't strive for more power. They were never happy with what they had.

A shelter, enough food to provide, knowledge spread from their ancestors and a sence of community, it was never enough. I bet they would regret it now if they could see what they have become.

The earth reclaimed it's land with beautiful lush forests, raging powerful rivers, a new world full of life. It didn't matter that they had studied the climate changes.

It didn't matter that they argued about needing to make a change. It was probably too late anyway. No one ever sees the problem until they come face to face with the overwhelming facts.

They couldn't force the world to give up everything they knew so earth itself took action into her own hands. Honestly, I don't blame her one bit.

"Earth never needed us, we needed earth"

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