The Underneath | Part 1
The Underneath | Part 1  hero stories

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We are the only ones who can fight back, the generation to fix past mistakes, to claim back the land our forefathers once called home. We are the "O. U. D" and it is time to suit up.

The Underneath | Part 1

Thousands of miles beneath the earth are giant caverns full of water,  getting warmer and full of more creatures the further you go down to the earth's core.

First discovered by a man by the name "John F Boman",

the famous explorer released his knowledge of this seemingly entirely different world to the fools above and was treated like he was insaine.

His depictions of monsters seemed extraterrestrial, and he became the laughing stock of the world.

Soon after his rejection,  John F Boman ventured down beneath the earth once more,  then never returned again.

Announced dead by his partner explorers they brought back his journals,  which not only included sketches but slightly blurred and dark pictures as proof of his sanity and discovery.

After enhancement and multiple  checks of authenticity,  the images shocked the globe and terrified the citizens.

"What if they ever came up after us" They asked,  "we wouldn't be able to stop them of protect ourselves.

" Living in fear for the unknown homes began to be built high off the ground and the government stepped in.  This was our greatest mistake.

We lived thousands of years,  undisturbed,  blissfully ignorant to these creatures but suddenly armies we're being trained for survival and underwater missions,

and we woke these creatures up.  To our horror,  our greatest fears became true and it was all our fault.

Our weapons did not work on these unnatural things,  their skins we're strong enough to withstand the earths cores heat.  We stood no chance against  them,  on their own turf.

We soon found out it was a hopeless battle against them when they followed us above the surface as well.

Humanity was doomed to never rest, to always be on alert and do nothing but pray that we weren't the next victims.  This was the true dangers of the underneath.

Generations after John's discovery, the earth's population is greatly diminished.

Developing airships for each remaining country to live in, the life of the normal humans never stepped foot on the ground.

The land was a battlefield, now overrun by the creatures we have come to call Obsidious's after the unbreakable rock material under the earth.

Now our survival depends on those of us new generations who were born never touching the ground.

We who risk our lives each day to fight for our homeland back to discover what blades of grass feel like beneath our feet. Our names are known as "O.U.D"

The Obsidious's Ultimate Defeate. We are the only ones who can fight back, the generation to fix past mistakes, to claim back the land our forefathers once called home.

We are the "O.U.D" and it is time to suit up!

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