The tale of the rich & poor man
The tale of the rich & poor man beautiful stories

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After reading this, can you truly say you are rich? Or are you poor?

(Motivational, life lesson)

The tale of the rich & poor man

There once was a rich man, who never went without. Anything he ever wanted was at his fingertips, he was never denied any demand.

Eventually nothing ever could make him happy, he had everything a man could need and desire, so why was he so sad he wondered.

Even partners and "friends" surrounded him, but he couldn't help but see dollar signs in their eyes as they looked at him.

One day the rich man walked into a pub, he was curious of the energetic environment.

Upon entry he saw a man dancing on the bar while playing the fiddle, and everyone cheered, clapped and dance along to the beat. That man looked so happy thought the rich man.

He decided to talk to him. "You are so poor so how can be so jolly, sir? " The rich man genuinely anticipating his reply was excited for the secret to be revealed.

The truth that the poor man told however, wasn't the magical trick, the rich man expected.

The poor man sat down next to the rich man, smiled then taught the rich man the most important lesson he would ever learn. "All my life I have been poor.

I came into this world with nothing but a name. Therefore everything I did have I could greatly appreciate and cherish.

Every achievement, I could be proud of, as my hard work made my dreams a reality. Every moment good and bad,taught me great lessons, to take with me as I continue foreward in this life.

So tell me sir? Are you really rich? Am I really Poor?"

The rich man, now puzzled replied "well of course I am rich and you are poor!" The Poor man shook his head, "you have never been more mistaken my friend.

Tell me, is a man's wealth based off of what they have when our time in this world ends?"

The rich man agreed with this statement "yes, after I am dead they will count my assets and agree that I was indeed rich." The poor man's face turned to pity.

"We come into this world with nothing, and we leave this world with nothing but our memories, experiences, emotions, what we felt in our life. We cannot take any earthly treasures.

So at the end of it all, is it you who is rich? Is it I who is poor?" The former rich man shook his head, "no. By that logic, I am indeed the poorest man who has lived."

The former poor man smiled, picked up his fiddle and extended the other hand to the former rich man. "Then by all means, let us acquire true wealth together starting now.

Today is the day, you truly begin to live!" The former rich man took his extended hand and smiled for the first time in years, "yes sir. Teach me how you became rich with life."

The tale of the rich & poor man __________________________________ Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed my story. My motivation came when I was working, exhausted and thought how nice it would have been to be born rich. I then thought about how many important lessons I have

Learned though, that I wouldn't have, had I been raised differently. I can honestly say I am proud of how far I've come so far. There are some parts of my life though that I am poor in. I will work hard to fix those sides of me, and I know you can too! When we all leave this earth, all of us will be rich! -xoxo

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