"The Music Box" A short story

"The Music Box" A short story change stories

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Learn from the past, focus on the present, and change the future.

"The Music Box" A short story

My mother had a music box she cherished dearly but never opened.

I would ask her as a child what lay inside but she would never tell me. Instead she would say that it held a great and profofound knowledge and truth, written by my great, great, great grandmother. It had been passed down through the woman of the family since.

She said once she was gone from this world, the contents would then belong to me. Sadly that time came too soon and now I lay on my bed holding that very box.

What could be inside that was so important to my mother? I was almost scared to look but I felt as if my mother was next to me as I held the box, so I turned its tiny key and the lid clicked open.

A tiny bird that's wings flapped began to sing the most lovely song, and a piece of parchment folded inside grabbed my attention.

I carefully unfolded the page and was shocked by what was written. It had a message written 5 generations ago, followed by the signature at the bottom of all the women of my family who had recieved it since. Sure enough, my mothers signature was also written in elegant ink.

The message read: "Dear beloved children, Only you have the power to change the course of the future for the next generations to come. I had the power to change my future as well, and trust me when I say, I did everything I could to change it for the better, for you.

I pray that you too will work hard to create a world that our family can be proud to say we live in. Life is too short my children, so live while you can and most importantly, keep close to you what is important, and let go of what is holding you back from moving forward. Time waits for no one, my dear's, but when our time does come, all of us who's names are written on this paper,

Will be waiting for you at the golden gates, with open arms and warm smiles. Now write your name on the bottom of this page, and return it to the music box, locking it once again till the time comes for the next child. You will be ok, you are never alone. We are all here watching over you, and we can't wait to see all the wonderful things you will do. With tremendous love, from all of us"

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