"The Last Dragon" Part 1
"The Last Dragon" Part 1 dragon stories

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I was a little later than usual, but I knew he would still be there, waiting for me to return. I had to run into town before coming here, and everyone was out it seems. Perhaps they too we're worried about the rumored harsh winter. I know I was.

"The Last Dragon" Part 1

I was a little later than usual, but I knew he would still be there, waiting for me to return. I had to run into town before coming here, and everyone was out it seems.

Perhaps they too we're worried about the rumored harsh winter. I know I was.

I arrived at the South forest as fast as I could, and began to make my way in on a path I have walked all my life.

I remember my first time coming here, I had been scared of the rumored monsters I would find within.

My father when he was alive warned me to never come near this place, but my dear mother told me that if I ever ran into troubles as I explored this world as she once did,

to mention her name and everything would be ok.

She knew who I would meet in that forest, and she knew that despite my being scolded by father, I would still be called deep within those pines.

My mother was the last of her bloodline, as I discovered after her passing in her family journals she came from a long line of "protectors.

" For every protector alive, there were just as many creatures to protect, as it is now just me, a boy with half this bloodline I suppose there too was only one left to protect.

When I first saw him, I wasn't scared. I was intrigued, captivated by his beauty but not once did I feel fear.

Hidden deeply within the thick green of the South, I had discovered a cave and entered. Inside it opened up considerably and it seemed to be man-made.

That is where I first laid eyes on his shimmering black and red scales, his fierce red piercing gaze. Where I first saw his sharpened claws and fangs, his large and strong wings.

He hissed at me when I entered and began to stand but all I could do was utter the word "beautiful." Upon hearing this, he stopped in his tracks and laid back down and spoke.

"Are you not scared of me boy?" His voice was deep and soothing. "No, I suppose I'm not. I'm truthfully rather amazed that dragons are real.

" He laughed at my stupidity and told me that dragons weren't real anymore as he was the last. I told him how lonely he must feel, as I was the last of my family as well.

He asked for my name and I told him it was Kaida Drake, upon hearing this he spoke of my mothers name.

"You're mother always watched over me Kaida, and she told me that one day you would come to me as well when you were older. " Back then I suppose it meant we were destined to find each other.

The last protector of dragons and the last dragon, we were both a lonely creature. "Abinesh! I'm back, " I entered the cave to find a dragon pouting like a child. "You're late."

I smiled and laughed at his character. "I know, I know. I had to go to the town market to buy this meat did I not? " I chuckled again as the Abinesh's eyes lit up their unique fiery red.

He was so easy to read, my only friend, I would do anything to protect him. Abinesh stood up and then transformed into his human form, a beauty with bright red and black hair, a strong build and red eyes.

When I first saw him do this I was astonished, until he explained everything to me. Abinesh was the last true heir of the Royal bloodline.

It was always said that the royals had the power to transform into dragons, but that was thought to be a myth made up by wild imaginations simply because the Royal crest was a dragon.

He was the true Royal Prince of this country but hidden by his father (before his fathers death) in this dark place for protection. People fear what they do not understand, and they wanted him dead.

My family used to be great knights, charged to protect the Royal Prince each generation (protecting the dragon was in our blood, our duty) but one day we too were hidden away, discharged and unneeded.

Piecing it together I now understand that we left to go to the Prince's side. Where the dragon goes, so shall we.

I never understood how someone could fear this person,

after all he was beautiful, but Abinesh told me it was because he was more comfortable in his dragon form and he was spotted outside the palace.

People feared him, an innocent boy who didn't understand he was special. "What're ya staring off for. Come eat with me Kaida. " Although he sounded grough and mean, I smiled.

He was in truth a very kind and gentle soul. We have been living here together for over six years now, and I am still awestruck at his beautiful black and red hair and scales.

"It's your 19th birthday tomorrow, is it not Kaida? " He barely stopped eating his steak to ask me, "oh yes, I suppose it is. I forgot truthfully."

I would finally be of age, perhaps I could find a better way to take care of Abinesh. Although Ali's already 21 he could not leave and live freely. Even in his human form he stands out. I would at least like to be able to show him the comfort of living in a house.

"What would you like for your birthday? " He looked kind of embarrassed after he said this so I begin to tease.

"Awe, his majesty wishes to give me a present? " The red in his hair turned even brighter as he glared at me. "If you must know then yes, now don't tease me like that.

You know I'm not very good with words." It was true, he was left alone in this cave since he was 5 years old, only ever conversing with my mother.

Now, 2 years older than me, never having stepped outside this safe house/prison, it felt unfair that I had seen so much more of this world than him. It's no wonder he was so sheltered and shy.

I put down my portion of the meal and turned to him and took his hand, "I do not need a present Abi" he always liked this nickname I had for him.

"I only wish for you to be able to live freely outside this cave."

He began to protest before I stopped him, "I know you always say that you are content living here, but I wish to give you the best life and now that I am of age, I can do that."

Abinesh stood up, finishing his meal and transformed back into his dragon form. "Well I know there's no reasoning with you once your mind is set on something.

Come Kaida, it is time for bed." Abinesh walked to the back of the cave. Finally I can give Abi a good life, I thought to myself as I layed down between my friends front legs and his head.

"Tomorrow I will set to town in search of a good paying job Abi, you'll see. We will have a wonderful home to live in soon, where you can be yourself and not fear someone discovering you. "

Abinesh's head nuzzled mine gently, "I hope your dreams come true Kaida, but I'm just happy that you are here with me." I smiled to myself, "I know, I know. I feel the same."

I slowly drifted asleep feeling the same feeling I have for the last six years. The feeling of warmth, happiness, the feelings that tell me with Abinesh I am never alone.

I reminded myself that even if the job searching does not go so well tomorrow, that my true home was here next to Abi.

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