"Temple" A short story
"Temple" A short story stone stories

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This old and cracked monument of a greater time has purpose, it won't fall until it has completed its mission.

"Temple" A short story

The stone temple stood mighty despite its impurities from over the years of neglect.

It's cracks and crumbles reflected a much grander time, one of kings, high priests and a beautiful goddess the people called their queen.

So what happened here? Where was this once great country? Like everything nothing truly lasts, but this carved structure bravely took on the duty of proving they had once existed.

With each passing day, another piece would wear away yet it was still standing.

It knew that soon, a new people would discover it, study it, and realize the grandeur and power of its true masters. Once this mission was complete, it could finally rest.

Like it once was nothing but stone, it shall return to the earth, until one day it is born again.

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