"Talk of the town" A rant about where I'm from)
"Talk of the town" A rant about where I'm from)  ugh stories

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Small towns are like a game of telephone, and although I keep to myself and live a boring quiet life many look for anything to discuss about you, especially if they haven't heard anything about you for a while. I'm tired of it.

"Talk of the town" A rant about where I'm from)

I come from a small town, filled with whispers of what he or she from down the road did. A town full of expectations and deep roots to ansestorial ties.

A town where everyone knows someone so watch who you say something to.

A town full of do you want to embarass this family in front of everyone we know? A town full of people still stuck in this sad town.

A town where you need to watch your actions, words, and back because there will always be a witness and you can guarantee the story won't be told the same as it had happened.

I admit I am tired of everyone knowing me.

I am tired of always being so anxious that someone would perceive me as rude when I'm just not feeling well or tired from my very demanding job and have them chat with the ladies in their group and that then

would lead them to talk down about my family.

My family means the world to me, and although I never give cause to such distasteful town gossip as I am admittedly quite introverted,

I am in constant fear of just anyone to do it simply because they are bored or jealous. Everyone knows everyone's business here, and if they don't, they speculate and it spreads.

Honestly I'm not so sure I would be bothered about people talking about me, but talk about me is talk about my family name which associates my family and that upsets me.

People ask about me to others for no reason but curiosity and suddenly everyone knows my business. I wish people were kinder, and that they didn't search for drama or need to know everyone's goings on, but alas ce la vie.

The talk they talk about now, is how I do nothing but work and go home,

and when I met an old friend and we reacquainted all the old ladies got giddy saying how we were a perfect match and how it's about time I went out and met someone etc. A few ladies even told me they talked to his relatives about me to talk me up to his family. When It was the first time I had seen him in ages.

Nobody knows how awkward it is when they say that, and especially when he was much less than gentlemanly to me in the past and now.

Nobody really knows what their neibour is capable of and when they learn the truth they either call you a lier or they eat the drama up and add to the story.

They poke their noses in and force me (an anxiety ridden quiet girl) to come up with a response without putting down the boy in question who they all know. If you even hint of a trouble then they think they are suddenly slooths, and try to uncover a truth they believe they can find.

I hate this so called thing called "the talk of the town" because it exists and I would say it is hurtful and just awful. I'm tired of it all. I hope if you too come from a small town or even a big city, you are able to live your life in peace. I am not the target of mean rumours, however everyone is always trying to learn my business.

People need to learn that if someone doesn't wish to tell you something, it doesn't mean they are hiding secrets. Perhaps they just don't think you need to know their personal matters, as it is their right to keep what they wish private.

Also if you ask me, I'll feel put on the spot and end up telling you even if I didn't want to. Not that what I had to say is a secret but I just didn't feel like telling someone about how I was doing. I'm bad at changing topics and a very bad lier. I'll be honest, I'm mostly frustrated with the little old church ladies trying to play my matchmaker and doctors (I have celiac disease). It all grows tiresome,

And honestly Old little church ladies have a VERY scarily fast social network.

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