"Remember your roots " A song I wrote
          "Remember your roots " 

                   A song I wrote beautiful stories

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Sometimes you have to stand up to the people you love the most for their sake. I'd rather they hate me then have to bury them one day. This is a few verse's of a song I wrote about my friends.

"Remember your roots " A song I wrote

Hey little flower did you forget about your roots now? You say those weeds make you happy but all I see is you frown.

You said they'd help you grow, but your shriveled up and falling down. Hey little flower won't you come home to your family now?

--------------------------------------- A song I wrote about my friends, and how we have gone down seperate paths. I worry about them a lot, with their hard drug abuse (cocaine, weed, Molly, etc.) and obsessive drinking. I know my concerns seem like I am a buzz kill but I don't care. I'd rather have people I love hate me, then have to bury them too soon one day.

Remember guys that if you don't stand up to people important to you, for their sake, just because you're scared they will hate you, then perhaps they don't mean as much as you thought. Sometimes tough love is the only way.

If after you express concern and try to help they still won't change their ways (understand its hard for them) maybe you removing yourself from that stressful situation is best after all. It's hard to turn a blind eye and def ear, but maybe you finally having enough and leaving and no longer babying them will help them see that need to help themselves in the end, that they have to want to help themselves.

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