Plans, more like planned.
Plans, more like planned.  truestory stories
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I was awarded a most likely to cancel plans award in college as a joke.

Plans, more like planned.

I was awarded a most likely to cancel plans award in college as a joke. Everyone got a funny award, however this kind of hurt my feelings.

I was sick for years in elementary, middle and high school, then again in college.

I didn't find out till 2 years after college that I had celiac disease and the doctors all this time led me to believe my anxiety was making me sick.

The truth is, I didn't have anxiety until I became scared to go anywhere for fear of being sick. I cancelled most plans because viola, always sick.

I would just like to say maybe not make fun of friends or family for always cancelling.

I know it's not always the case but perhaps they really are always sick, I literally didn't go 1 day feeling ok since I was little.

I thought it was normal to have a belly ache all the time, and it's no wonder with how bread has always been my favourite food (ಥ﹏ಥ) (Celiac disease = allergic to gluten aka wheat barley or rye so normal bread I miss dearly)

Perhaps they just aren't in the best place in their life at the moment you never know. It could be that they just don't want to go sure, but again they have their reasons.

I always felt so terrible cancelling and my friends eventually stopped asking as much.

I knew they must have thought I was avoiding them or just didn't want to go,

but I missed out on so many plans I so badly wanted to be able to do and probably wouldn't get the chance to try when I got older.

So yea, please try to be understanding to the cancel friends you have. It may not seem it, but there really could be an underlying problem or reason and they actually really did want to hang out. ✌

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