"Memories no longer forgot"
"Memories no longer forgot" mine stories

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How did I go from waking up with a aweful cold and being miserable, to smiling and daydreaming through the sniffles at work? A simple Cough Drop 💧

"Memories no longer forgot"

Perhaps if you were to ask me six years ago why fall was my favourite, I would have excitedly mentioned Halloween, or the pretty changing leaves or something to that extent.

If you were to ask me this morning why fall was my favourite I probably would have said I hate fall.

It would seem that as I have grown older I have forgotten all the little things that used to make me so happy about this season, and would you blame me?

After waking up this morning with a terrible cold and stuffy pounding head, I hated everything.

Yet I must admit how funny life can be sometimes, as a simple Lemon flavoured Hall (cough drop) which I haven't had in years,

suddenly brought back all my favourite memories and happiest of feelings.

Strange isn't it?

That simple lemon flavoured Hall reminded me of all the times I hid away in the library or back of a classroom at school sniffling away, sucking on a Hall,

with one ear bud in, playing soft rythmic tunes (just loud enough to drown out the other students chatter, but quiet enough that I could hear if someone called my name).

I was reminded of my wild, Auburn hair tousled around even more by the wind resulting in half cute curls and hidden knots underneath.

I was reminded of wearing my favourite baggy sweaters with leggings or jeans with of course my classic black and white converse. I remembered all the tea or coffee I would always have with me,

but most importantly I was reminded of reading all of my most treasured and favourite books. It would seem that I have forgotten my love for books as I have grown older.

I still have them all, but put away on a shelf, it's no wonder that I have been miserable these past years.

When I think back to what made me so happy when I was younger the answer was always books.

The kind of read that included impossible fantastic, fantasy worlds with seemingly weak protagonists who always rise up above the crowd.

The kind of books that drew you in, and suddenly 4 hours later you were almost done the book and you had forgotten to sleep.

These are the memories that I cherish most and I plan to open up all of those old pages and give them a read again. As silly as it sounds I find myself reaching for another Hall simply because the taste brings back so many happy feelings. From now on when sad, I will remember to grab one of my old books, an old hoodie, sit in my old chair and re-live wonderful old adventures.

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