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Who are you? Who would you like to be? What are you willing to do to become that person? You have the power.

Make History

What is the point of life? What truly matters in life? Where am I going? Am I a failure, will I be a sucess? What defines a failure?

These are the hard hitting questions that drag us down each day.

When you think of a sucessful person do you dream of a "superstar"? Even the most famous people you know, have their own issues, which we all know they do.

Of course it doesn't help that most of their problems are plastered all over the media. Sometimes it is so easy to alienate someone who leads a life so different to yours.

Famous celebreties eat, sleep, breathe, get stomach aches, laugh, cry, have secrets, families, their own issues, but we know this. They just have a job in the limelight.

Sometimes I think about my life, my job which I'll be honest seems pointless, like a glue trap.

Sometimes I feel stuck, and like many before me, find myself day dreaming about being someone so much more than who I am currently.

So to answer my first question, what truly matters in life? Well as long as you are alive, technically you are doing better than most who might have or might not have had the choice to fight on.

Survival of the fittest is the law of this cruel concrete jungle of a world, and amongst all of the pain and suffering we personally find things that make it all worth it.

Whether it be family, friends, religion, love, or sadly for some even hate, we all have our feul, our own poisions that keep us going.

It truly is a strange realization when you think about at this very second, you have the power to do anything your heart desires to go out and do.

Many dangerous worldly figures have figured this out and many idols in our long history have as well.

So the true important question is, what will you do with your life? It may seem like you don't have a choice, like you are stuck but the only one holding you back is yourself.

The world will continue to spin on with or without you, there is no need to complicate things, and our time here is simply too short. Live for you, for this moment.

Don't worry about what others do, ignore the media and the famous stars living the "dream life."

Most of what you see and hear is fake anyways because like anyone else, everyone wants to be seen in a positive light, and everyone wants to be special.

They too are merely humans, with the same thoughts, emotions and desires as you. Honestly having your private life posted everywhere against your will must be aweful and exausting.

To feel like you have to hide your true self, for fear of backlash is nothing I would wish on anyone.

You have the power to do good or bad in your life and the immense power to effect the lives of others.

"So where do I start" you may ask, "how do I positively change lives?" Honestly start small.

You must have heard how even a simple smile can change someones horrible week around in an instant, and honestly maybe even save a life.

I am still young and yet I know a few angels that make me wonder if I could have changed things had I simply talked to them, or had taken the time to ask how hey were.

You have the power to take control, to find your own purpose. I hope all of you find that purpose and choose to do good and spread love and kindness. So I send you my best wishes and hope you will find your true purpose, happiness an live to be the person you always wanted to be.

Sincerely, -Leoshe

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