"Justice" A sad true story on sexual assault
"Justice" A sad true story on sexual assault sad stories

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A true story for mature readers. Serious topic, on sexual assault, to bring awareness to the severity of this issue.

"Justice" A sad true story on sexual assault

He didn't deserve this, no one does. The saddest part is that it could happen to anyone of any age, gender, no matter how strong or weak the person.

He was scared, no one believed him, there were gaps in his memory, no way to prove what had happened.

All he knows is that he would never do the things he was accused of and had no way to prove what a stranger did to him.

It was even harder for him, a man, to admit to the police what had happened. He was scared they would laugh at him, accuse him for having been drinking that night.

They would "look into things and investigate" but he had the gut feeling that he would have no justice for his injustice.

"How did this happen to me? How could this happen to me? Did it actually happen to me? Am I imagining things? Maybe It was my fault for going out that night."

His wounds we're proof enough of the assault, he would never even when drunk, allow this to happen.

How does he explain this to people who don't know him from Adam? He can't, he tried, they didn't listen.

Rape is not a joke, it is not something to take lightly yet too often the victim is accused because of the "unlikeliness of the situation" especially for a man, victims are shamed.

Is this what our world has come to? They spread awareness and claim that there is always help for those who come forward and try to seek help for their abuse.

I never thought that I would get a call like this from my best friend, there is nothing I can say to help him. There is no way that I can do anything to make this better for him.

All I can do is listen and be there when he needs me. So what happens when the people who can help him (like the police), don't.

He was scared, shaking, could hardly utter the words of what happened to him. All he received was "we need evidence, and we will investigate this further. Have a good day."

Have a good day? What a joke. He was sent home without anyone following up on his mental state, no one to stay with him to actually see if he is ok.

Not all wounds are physical, even though he now has enough of those (and that is all they see), who will help him to heal his mental wounds?

We need justice for those who seek help, instead of criticising them and making them feel like a problem. This is something that will stay with him, in the back of his mind for the rest of his life. No way to change what had happened, no way to right the wrong.

It can happen to anyone, and it happened to my loved one. It could happen to you too. Stay safe, and look out for those in dangerous situations. We need to rely on each other, and protect each other. It takes a great deal of courage to admit when something happens, never dismiss someone if they ask for your help or confide in you. You could be the help they need!

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