"His Treasure" A short story
"His Treasure" A short story beautiful stories

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"To love is to let go." A tale I wrote about an old fool of a shop keeper and his prized possession.

"His Treasure" A short story

There once was an old man who ran a small antique shop out of the ground floor of his home.

At the center of his shop there was a grande case which adorned beautiful stone carved roses at the base,

and at the top behind the protective glass there beheld the most beautiful china doll.

Children would often visit the shop just to see her but no matter how many visits, the grim shop keeper refused to sell his most prized possession.

"This doll is worth more than you could possibly imagine and far more beautiful than any possession you children could ever appreciate! Leave my store at once pests!"

The children would always leave in tears, and the shop keeper always set in his ways , each passing day had no regrets. One day the man fell sick and passed away.

With no one to take over the shop it eventually fell to ruin. Vines began to grow covering the old stone walls.

The vintage items all cracked (including the doll) and withered away with the harsh weather, as the walls could no longer protect these "prized possessions".

One day a family moved into town and their youngest daughter happened upon the ruins wilst exploring her new home town.

Curiosity lured her into the ruins and in the center of the shop sat (despite the cracks in her paint) the most beautiful china doll she had ever seen.

She knew this beauty was a special gift despite the impurities, and swore to take the best of care of her new friend and to share her world with her. The old shopkeeper watched from beyond the living, unable to rest in peace.

He realized his mistake, and after seeing how gently the girl treated his treasure even after she was no longer worth her previous fortune, he finally understood an important lesson.

Such beauty was wasted being on a shelf, things in life were meant to be enjoyed to truly be treasured. To be left to wither away was to have no purpose to fulfill.

As the child smiled and giggled with her new doll, the shopkeeper smiled for the first time in years and finally closed his eyes to finally rest.

"Cherish the doll more than this old fool has child," He whispered before he passed on for good.

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