"Growing up" A short story
"Growing up" A short story dramatic stories

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Stand up for what's right! Or don't?

"Growing up" A short story

I was apprehensive at first. I thought it was stupid, childish and honestly just annoying. I hated seeing them when I would walk by.

Now they make them for "adults, " how dumb do you have to be to buy one? I wouldn't want people to see me buying one. I don't know why they bothered me so much.

Perhaps it's the sad memories I have from my childhood, being made fun of for enjoying it in the past. They are for children, and as I was told at the young age of 10 I am too old for it.

I tell myself all these things yet I find myself slowly sinking down into one again. Leaning back, and feeling comfortable no matter my position.

You know what? Forget what they told me! I'm tired of these cold, hard, chairs... I'm taking back my childhood and comfort!

Bean bag chairs are awesome! Everyone should have one.

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