"Fleeting" Deep Thoughts
"Fleeting" Deep Thoughts gone stories

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A story told by the ghost of a girl who is long gone...

"Fleeting" Deep Thoughts

He told me I was fleeting, like I was never really there to begin with. Someone whose feelings never really last, he said he knew this from the start.

I wondered why someone would even begin to get to know me if that's what they thought from the start. Perhaps he saw me as a challenge to overcome.

To test his ability to tie me to him, to see if he could conqour this skip town heartbeat. He failed he said. He's learned his mistake, he claims.

I wonder to myself if I seem to be unattainable simply because they all give up on me. Maybe I am fleeting, I will never last despite how many times I have tried over and over again.

I decide my heart was too big for this so called "love" People keep talking about. I can't help but to see them as hypocrites, claiming to love just to receive love.

I see through these lies, and demand truth. Maybe that's too much for this generation. He says I'm fleeting but the truth is, I wasn't there to begin with.

I have given up, I know nothing ever lasts.

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