"Drift" A spooky old short story
"Drift" A spooky old short story supernatural stories

leoshe Stories that last - Amateur Writer
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Here we have a prime example of a young Leoshe's sometimes scary mind, as she wrote short stories for school haha. If you enjoyed let me know!

"Drift" A spooky old short story

A burning, a lost sense of time, and darkness. I remember everything about that day, the day of the "tragic accident."

The waking up to paramedics hovering over me with astounded faces, the feeling of confusion and a cool relief as air raced back into my lungs. I was so confused but oddly calm.

I remember my friends crying and hugging me and saying that everything would be ok, but I knew it would be.

Sometimes I think they needed to be conforted more than I did, after all they were the reason I fell into the water in the first place.

I remember the push on my back, the giggles as they ran away and left me there. They must only be terrified because I was found a week later by a fisherman, still alive.

I don't blame them, they should be scared...

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