"Diaries Of A Witch" Day 2
"Diaries Of A Witch" Day 2 witch stories

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The Diary of Miss Phoenix Heartstrong, where we see the humble beginnings of the young girl enrolled at the Royal Magic Academy, who will soon become the most powerful and respected witch this world has ever seen. 10/15/18

"Diaries Of A Witch" Day 2

Dear Diary,

I must admit I am rather exhausted after last night's run in with the trolls in the east wing.

In case you were wondering why on earth anyone would wander in that direction, see my last entry where I mention how I was unjustly punished for a small misunderstanding.

I was sent there to clean their sleeping lofts and to scrub their restrooms as well. Let's just say what I had to clean is not a picture you want me to paint for you.

Despite my struggles I have discovered something useful from the trolls.

As they are hoarders by nature, if ever I need jewels, crystals or strangely even a great quantity of fungi,

as their "new friend" they told me to take anything I need to further my magic studies (seriously though, where do they get such a ridiculous amount of mushrooms?).

With my new allies I can confidently face perhaps one of my worst classes which is Brewing Potion Magic class or BPM class..

For some reason I can never get those blasted (literally blasting and figuratively) potions to turn out properly.

Maybe I am just too impatient with the time it takes for each ingredient?

I have been known to slip multiple uncalled for items into potions in the hopes they will speed up the natural fermenting process. I can't help it, I am a restless soul seeking adventure, not standing and stirring a sooty pot for hours!

On the plus side though, Professor Caulder does not put me on the spot anymore to present in front of the class.

I will have to look up what it meant when he called me a "cataclysmic nightmare".

Anyways I must be off! I am so excited to see if Toad ah, I mean Miss Garnet, still has dragon Lillies sprouting from her hair!

(Honestly though I swear I am not lying when I say those critters are quite the fiery and warm improvement compared to her usual cold reptilious looks.)


Sincerely, Miss Phoenix Heartstrong 10/15/18

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