"Diaries Of A Witch" Day 1
"Diaries Of A Witch" Day 1 school stories

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The Diary of Miss Phoenix Heartstrong, where we see the humble beginnings of the young girl enrolled at the Royal Magic Academy, who will soon become the most powerful and respected witch this world has ever seen. 10/14/18

"Diaries Of A Witch" Day 1

Dear diary,

Today was a slightly annoying day to say the least. I don't understand why Miss. Garnet Toad ( ah...I mean miss Garnet Toadridge) insists on picking fights with me and she never fails to do so.

I think she sees me as her rival, maybe she is just jealous of the potential the Future Seer saw in me.

Ok so perhaps I did go awry with my incantation in spoken cast magic class or SCM class, but It was obviously a mistake!

How was I supposed to know that a simple mispronunciation on the harvest chant, would make dragon lillies grow from Garnet's hair?

Honestly, I think she should have just kept them as a pet instead of croaking on me to the wicked Head Master Hollis, crying for help to remove them.

They were rather cute with their tiny fangs and bright orange coloured flames (which I believe compliments Garnets dark red hair).

The past is in the past for me but unfortunately that toad and the Head Master don't see eye to eye with me.

Thanks to this small slip of the tongue, I am (once again) assigned to the horrid east wing house cleaning duties for the trolls. I think by now the trolls see me as more than just an aquantinance...

If I make it through the week (and by that I mean, if I am not expelled from Royal Magic Academy for giving Garnet something to really get upset about), then I shall write again soon.


Sincerely, Miss Phoenix Heartstrong 10/14/18

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