"Deflect the reflect" A poem
"Deflect the reflect" A poem money stories

leoshe Stories that last - Amateur Writer
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We can't take it all with us when we go, so what will you be left with?

"Deflect the reflect" A poem

Darling you were born so much more than what that mirrors been showing you.

You don't need all that glam just to shine through.

You can keep spending but we're not buying that.

The ones chasing that cha-ching won't last and that's a fact.

I'm not telling you to not treat yourself,

I just see too many trying to defeat themselves.

That nasty reflection and wallet have been showing lies,

You are so much more than what meets your own eyes.

I just hope one day soon you will realise...

Those price tags aren't what it means to be alive.

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