The Siege on Iridonia (part 1) and the legend of the Son of Suns from the Holocrons of Mother Talzin
The Siege on Iridonia (part 1)

and the legend of the Son of Suns

from the Holocrons of Mother Talzin origin story stories

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A Homerian epic set on the Zabrak homeworld of Iridonia. Part 1 gives the history of this proud warrior race and the conflict that would change their species forever.

The Siege on Iridonia (part 1) and the legend of the Son of Suns from the Holocrons of Mother Talzin

The Zabrak are a species with immense societal pride. Their race originated as an ancient Rakatan experiment gone, well...

It is hard to say if the Zabrak eclipsed or disappointed their creator's expectations, but what resulted was a warrior race with an eternal chip on their shoulder.

A Zabrak takes pride in being Zabrak, in surviving the trials of their society and their world and show it with their horns and their tattoos.

Great sweeping and swooping curls of metalloid ink that tell the tales of their ancestors, their clan and their personal conquests. The horns, the tattoos, the attitude: The Zabrak.

Iridonians are isolationists at their core, they do not conform and they do not surrender.

Mother Talzin explains it that their society was not civilized enough understand the merits of surrender, nor the value of hostages, or honest negotiation;

but I suspect that is a matter of opinion. By my accounting, this bloodlust is a hereditary leftover from their inception.

The Rakata that masterminded many species including the Zabrak, were foolish enough to think they could build specialized copies of the warlike Sith race.

The Rakatan Masters were incorrect and many of their misguided attempts still live with the consequences of those errors tens of thousands of years later.

Another of those residual effects, I believe, is the Zabrak prophecy of a chosen one.

The prophecy of the Sith'ari, the perfect Sith who would conquer and then one day destroy the Galaxy, is the keystone to all Sith history and lore.

I learned of this prophecy firsthand from a Dark Jedi, who told me that it drove his brotherhood to the brink of extinction.

It would appear -- with the clarity of hindsight that was unavailable to Talzin -- the Zabrak inherited that very same trait from their Rakatan Masters.

At the core of Iridonian tradition is a prophecy of a chosen one known as the "Zabrak'hao".

Traditional lore spoke of the "Son of Suns" who would come to the clans of Iridonia and unite them under a single Zabrak banner.

Zabrak'hao would lead the clans in a purge of the Galaxy and the Zabrak would finally experience the golden age their Rakata overlords once promised them.

It is this prophecy that intrigued me and led me to dig deeper into Talzin's archive.

The parallels to the Jedi prophecy of the Chosen One are subtle but upon completion, utterly undeniable.

If this Journal is a compilation of the Chose One prophecies that have influenced our Galaxy, then the Siege of Iridonia is a necessary addition.

The Siege of Kuhl is a story of such epic proportion that it is astounding that it is not a more widely-shared legend.

It's as if Mother Talzin had no way of referring to the Zabrak without bringing up the bloody conflict.

It was a horrific affair that scarred Zabrak culture and wiped two great Clans from the face of Iridonia.

It is not a Jedi tale, nor is it a Sith tale--well, not directly, but I'll explain that later--

but there is an unmistakable thread of truth that ties this story to the others in this Journal: The prophecy of the Chosen One as a societal necessity when hope is at its darkest.

Like the Basilisk nearly 3000 years before them, the Zabrak found need for their prophecy in their most bleak hour and found hope in the Sun of Sons.

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