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leocharlesm Writer/lover of SciFi and Fantasy
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A journey begins with an idea


The greatest man I've ever known used to tell me: "Science is the futile search for absolutes in an ever-changing galaxy...

The only belief worth holding onto is one that brings you closer to the Force."

As a child of perhaps only five, I didn't understand what he meant, but I took it as a challenge.

There was the Force which was definite, then there was everything else: the absolute and the pursuit.

You could say my life's work began then, in that beachside hut, listening to him tell tales of impossible magic and wonder.

I was just a curious little girl who lived outside the Jude Sea on Andara, poking her nose where it didn't belong, and learning all the wrong lessons about adventuring.

Now, well, I'm not a little girl on Andara, at the very least...No

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