Rebecca Black inspires me

lentisIf there's food, there's me
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Rebecca Black, the singer of Friday, inspires me.

Rebecca Black inspires me

Yes, the singer of the extremely hated song "Friday"

It was stuck in my head and probably stuck in yours too.

The worst kind of feeling is when other people hate you

When you see the first nasty comment written about you online, your heard breaks. When somebody says something mean about me, I cry.

Rebecca faced hundreds of millions of haters

She fought a tough battle that I could not fight. And truth be told, she wasn't all that bad of a singer. She's better than most of the people I know at singing.

Every day I face challenges. Some big some small.

I know I can push through it. I know I can claw past it. Why? Because Rebecca did it.

Rebecca inspires me to keep on going.

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