Implications of AI?

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Can AI really overthrow humans? What's the controversy on AI?

Implications of AI?

Lots of talk behind AI. What's the real fear?

AI is not there yet.

From what I've seen, we are still in the very early days of AI and there should be no need to be worried now.

But why COULD AI be scary and dangerous?

Think of humans as a learning machine

Let's say a humans learn exponentially, learning 2% more every day.

Now imagine there is an AI that learns at 10% a day

While humans have a head start and know a lot more, it doesn't take long for a 10% learning curve to catch up with a 2% one.

The AI then quickly becomes smarter than a human

Humans took down Neanderthals in a similar fashion

The core of it, was they found huge advantages over the neanderthals.

Even though neanderthals were bigger and stronger

Humans had the capacity to organize at a much larger scale. They were also able to domesticate wolves. While neanderthals were much stronger, the humans outwitted them.

This could be true for AI too.

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