Tell Your Startup's Story
How to Tell Your Startup's story stories

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Based on my medium article for EnLab this month:

Tell Your Startup's Story

A few ideas on how to make it happen

These are three stories your team can tell

The right team can make or break the startup.

1. How did I get here?

Each team member has a tale about where they came from and how they joined the startup. Having them tell it from their own perspective is a great way to add authenticity.

2. What's my philosophy?

Choosing the skill sets you want to work together to optimize your chances is an important decision. Whether you're devoted to devs or want a mixed bag, who would be on your ideal startup team?

3. How do we achieve alignment?

What is something that makes our startup unique and unites us all? "Googliness" is taken, so what elements of culture will your team create?

tell the stories that let the world know what you're made of

This story is based on my medium article

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