Dream By:Lele Garcia
Dream                                                          By:Lele Garcia  dream-reality stories

lelegarcia Just a bit poetic. My life are my poems.
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By lelegarcia

Dream By:Lele Garcia

In my dream I touched your face

We laid down and held eachother close as we slept.

I woke up to you admiring me. Not thinking what was next.

You told me to sit up and looked me deep in my eyes.

You pulled out a ring and asked my to be your wife. I cried and said yes. I told you this is for life.

I hugged you and held you. Said I'll never let you go.

Slowly my eyes blinked. Minutes later I was awoke.

I wish I I could've stayed there with you, just a little longer. Wish I could've laid in your arms a little while longer. But it was all a dream

I can't take this reality, because in my dream all I had was you.

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