How do i stop?
How do i stop? heartbreak #love #breajup #lonely #missing #suicidal stories
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lekhak_died I let my entries speak...
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It hurt a lot.. looking at you hurt. I almost took a blade once and i was inches away from giving all of myself for you. Is death better than life ? I asked myself. I was addicted to you. Even the pain that lead me to commit suicide, wasn't a bigger fact than the fact that after I'm dead I'll not even be able to see you.

How do i stop?


2nd March 2018, 9:18 PM

Today's the day i filled your cute face with a lot of colours. Ofcourse that was one year back. It was really really good having you baby. I miss you. I really do.

Many hurtful things, I've said to you. But that doesn't mean i don't love you. I love you just the same as i loved you one year back.

27th November it was i remember. You wore a cute black dress and were late. you and I were best friends then. I guess that's where it all got messed up. People fade but memories don't.

I guess that's why I don't get to see you in person now but i do everytime I'm asleep. I don't get to caress your face but i do everytime I'm thinking of you.

I just want you to realise that no one in this planet can love you like the way i do. No one can love you MORE. It kills me to see you with another guy.

But i keep myself strong, i keep myself busy. With things, with different people but trust me it doesn't help that much.

Whenever I'm alone i go and listen to our calls that I'd recorded. I miss you so very much. Can't you come back to me? Or I've lost the right to call you mine? I know you don't trust me.

Neither do i. But i don't understand why didn't you give me a chance? Just one chance and i could have undone all the mistakes. I could have made you really happy.

I could have given you what you actually deserved. Trust me the things i said when we last talked. A part of me didn't want to send those messages. It wasn't me Anaya. It wasn't.

But it was strange that you changed so much that you were saying things that i couldn't believe you'd ever say to me.

You didn't understand me anaya. Maybe i didn't too. But leaving me like this. I don't know why you did that but i still love you. I don't think you'll leave my mind so soon.

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