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Drugs were our life. Until something ended it.


You know how people say. "Your love is my drug" In this case drugs were our love. The pills we ingested made me lbeautiful" And the raw drug i dropped made me feel "beautiful"

But when my high was over My handsome man that i always thought was handsome Wouldnt let me touch, talk, love, or even think about him Becaus i heard things that other pupils did not

The next day wasnt much better. Sleeping in and being petty. But dreaming about those few hours that i forgot about all my unhappiness The voices got louder and i had my mouth mentally sewn shut. My love was slowly decaying like a broken tooth.

Sober as we were then night falls The bong hits my lips and although i feel blue i taste the green Smoke surround us and laughter is shared until the high is gone and its harder for me to smile.

"It is time for a change" said somone who cares. I had to rip off the hospital wires from his chest. The picture so big but our eyes shut from letting our demons take over. My boyfriend. "YUCK! Nothing is worse than staying sober He was close to losing me...

Our relationship now clean and so much more light. We still dream of the nights we felt invincible, but only now i dont need drugs to be happy. I would rather travel in love then die this young. o our reborn lives

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