How I Stopped My Students from Becoming Child Soldiers (Part 2)

How I Stopped My Students from Becoming Child Soldiers (Part 2) child soldier stories

leilajoon I'm here to reveal my story.
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My story takes place in Iran during the 1980s. I was a teacher who preached martyrdom as a part of my job. I provided child soldiers for the government without realizing it. At the end of the educational year, when I saw how unmotivated my students are for their final exam, I realized how harmful the governmental propaganda is for my students. After that I tried to undo what I had done. But I was accidentally compelled to do so in a most unusual way!

How I Stopped My Students from Becoming Child Soldiers (Part 2)

I went home laughing.

I thought to myself: They are such simpletons! They actually believed me! When they realize I had lied, it would be too late! By that time, they are all graduated with good grades!

That's what's important, not their disappointment afterwards!

I told the story to Faranak. She was shocked. We had talked before about how the governmental propaganda was harming the students.

She asked how was my promise less corrupting for their minds than the promise of Houris in an afterlife paradise?

I tried to convince her that the main point was giving them a motivation for something that actually benefits them.

But she insisted that if I lie to them, I may motivate them for one time, but they will feel stupid and betrayed and will become untrusting for the rest of their lives.

She said "if they graduate like this, they will fail next year, end their education there and you have merely wasted one year of their time."

She was speaking the truth. I had made a hasty decision without considering the consequences. I was thinking of my own success and not their future.

But what could I do after realizing that? That was the last session of our class. I couldn't see them until the exam.

I couldn't find any solution. There was no acceptable excuse for not doing what I had promised. Was counting on their mistakes a solution? One mistake was a sufficient excuse.

I could have been very strict when it came to correcting their papers or even present them questions which were more complicated than what I had promised. But that was a betrayal of their trust.

Faranak asked me "why don't you actually do it?" At first I thought she is joking, but as it turned out, she was serious.

She reminded me that I danced in the parties which we went to without our families knowing.

She asked me "what's the difference? Are those students less decent or more outsider than some of those weirdo guests who stare at your good parts at the parties?

Besides, the school is almost empty when you go there.

The only other person except the students is an old janitor who never visits your classroom in that hour and you can lock the door to make sure of that."

I began to think for myself. I realized that I had become a tool in hands of the government for preaching its nonsense ideology.

Why can we promise the students that they will see some Imaginary sex slaves waiting for them in heaven if they get themselves killed for some stupid cause but they can't see a real woman who

is not covered in suffocating black clothes?

How was dancing for them as a present for accomplishing something beneficial immoral but promising Houris as a present for doing something criminal was moral?

I thought if I leave them like that, never accept my responsibility in preaching that poisonous propaganda and never strive to correct my doings, how can I justify my own lifestyle?

What if someone like one of them discovered what I did in secret? Even if that never happened, I had to live the rest of my life feeling guilty as a hypocrite.

I put myself in my students shoes for a minute.

What was a woman in their imagination? What Image I had created in their minds?

A strict and sullen person who always covers herself in black in order to not provoke their sexual desire - that was the legacy which I left for them, whether I liked it or not.

I labeled them perverts who women needed protection against them.

But I didn't want that to be my legacy. I had one final chance to correct that. I could prove it for them that women can be fun and sexy without being slutty.

I could prove that they don't need to die for some stupid cause to receive sex machines as a present in the afterlife, they can have real women who have minds, care about them,

are honest with them and actually reward them for their good behavior.

Faranak also argued that punishing all of them for a tiny mistake of a single student wasn't fair and would ruin their friendship with any person who has failed to get the highest grade

despite trying hard; and if I'm going to do what I had promised, I should ignore a few slips and do it if I become assured that they have really tried their best.

So, I took Faranak's suggestion. I prepared a set of sexy black bra and panty which went well with my white skin. I got an Arabic music cassette tape and practiced some Arabic dancing.

On the day of the exam I put on some makeup and did my hair.

Faranak also accompanied me to encourage and support me, make sure that I will fulfill my promise and, perhaps more importantly, see me dance semi naked in front of the class!

As we were expecting, none of the school staff except for the old janitor (who barely left his room or cared about anything) was in the school.

Students were disappointed when they saw another teacher with me.

One of them asked "miss, what about your promise?" I informed them that my promise stands and Faranak was there to make sure of it!

I sat them away from each other to make sure no one cheated. The exam began. As I had promised, studying my simplified booklet was sufficient for answering all the questions.

After the exam, Faranak helped me to correct the papers. And what do you know! There was not a single slip! They all got the highest grade! When I announced that, there was a hooray!

I was somehow relieved that I prepared myself for keeping my end of the promise. Disappointing them at this level could have made them very angry.

One of them asked "so, will you do it?" and I replied "of course, did you doubt me?" but I asked them to listen to me for few minutes before getting their reward.

I explained the conclusions which I had arrived at and apologized for preaching the nonsense which I had taught during the year.

I explained that being beautiful and sexy isn't equal to being a slut and they should see me as a person who is entertaining and rewarding them for their hard work,

not a sex toy who wants to seduce them to having sex with her; and that they should respect women and value their personalities as well as their outer beauty.

After that I locked the door and put the cassette player which Faranak had brought on my desk. I asked the students to sit at the front row. Faranak also sat there with a big smile on her face.

I was still covered in official black veil, scarf and gown but I was just wearing a sexy set of black bra and panty under them.

I removed my veil and opened my scarf, revealing my black hair which the students were forbidden to see it and had no idea how beautiful it was.

I wanted to make the last part a surprise, so I turned away from them towards the black board and undid the buttons of my gown.

Then I turned towards them while I was holding my gown from opening with my hands. I asked "ready?" they simultaneously replied "yes!" and Faranak replied the loudest!

I dropped my gown and revealed perhaps the most astonishing sight they had seen in their lives (except for Faranak of course!).

There was just silence and amazement for few seconds, until Faranak broke it with whistling and clapping and soon everyone joined her!

I laughed and realized that I wasn't ashamed or afraid at all. I posed for them for a minute and let them get used to my body. Then I turned on the cassette player and started an Arabic dance.

The viewers clapped with rhythm of the music. My big boobs were swinging with my moves. I danced for about five minutes, until the end of the music.

When I stopped, Faranak began chanting "again! again!" and not surprisingly, everyone joined her!

I was just getting warmed up, so I met their demand. I felt that I was getting better and their whistling and clapping encouraged me further. There was just one tiny problem.

My sexy bra was so tight that it hurt. It was like it was getting tighter with my moves, or my boobs were getting bigger!

After the second round, chanting started as before: "again! again!" by this time, you don't need me to say who started it! But I gave a surprising answer: "nope.

It's over!" I heard them saying "ahhh! please! we were having fun!" and I surprised them again: "no, don't get me wrong. I meant that the prelude is over. I'm just getting warmed up.

I'm not going to repeat the same dance for you until you get bored with it. Since you have been very hardworking and polite, you deserve a special reward.

" They asked what it is, but I didn't say a word.

I just smiled, gently opened my bra and threw it on the desk! The class exploded with whistling and clapping! Especially Faranak was so excited that it was like she had never seen me naked!

I began the third round. This time I did my best and my big boobs swinging helped a lot! I just wish we had a video camera back then to record it.

That day I danced a total of five rounds which lasted about half an hour. I was topless during most of it.

At the end I thanked them for their hard work and politeness. I had danced almost naked for them for half an hour without hearing a single indecent word.

That meant a lot for me and proved that they really listened to me when I asked them to be respectful towards woman and not see them as sex toys.

I knew that I couldn't expect them to keep the whole affair a secret, but I wasn't afraid of any gossip. On the contrary, I preferred to publicize what I had done without confessing to doing it.

I felt that I had nullified preaching those horrible ideas during the educational year by my final act, and I stand by my decision to this very day.

That night Faranak returned my favor. We stayed up all night and had sex. I lost the count of how many orgasms we reached. As a result, two of my best memories took shape in a single day!

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