Search of my dead friend 2 (part 2)
Search of my dead friend 2 (part 2) horror stories

legendyt for surprise
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Write down in the comments below i u have guessed what the tall man's motive is.

Search of my dead friend 2 (part 2)

So guys to understand this story u must have read the other 2 stories too.

Now as we saw this tall man is now at Akhil's house and is to take a decision and he did, and he ended up to ask where Akhil was in a disguise of a friend. And his mother too got hooked and said the man the place where they are right now at.

This guy now is getting a little grin an his mom is suspicious. So she heads towards the landline. But she was late. She was well tied before the man left to visit his long seen rival.

He reached there soon as he seemed to make no mistakes this time. As he got experienced from his 1 year jail. He sneaked through the window and saw the 2 happily playing video games.

He got so angry that he headed straight to the children not answering to the teen's mom and his anger paid him off. The teen's father was home and he hit this tall man and called for the police. Before the tall man was arrested the boys noticed something.

The man had no weapons and his motive was not to attack him. And he was continuously shouting 'danger' which made the police hit him and pull him to prison.

Until part 3 of Search of my dead friend 2.

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