I'm saying I love you
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I'm saying I love you in all of these ways

I'm saying I love you

by kitten

When I stop and stare

And you ask what I’m thinking and all I can say is “you’re so cute” When I say you’re my favorite person. When I stop in the middle of foreplay to just hold you.

When I thank you profusely for doing something simple

like paying for dinner. picking me up When I hold your hand when we’re cuddling in bed When I rest my head on your chest and trace my fingers over your skin. Not sexuall just touching. Feeling

When I say I miss you so much it hurts.

Baby I’m saying I love you in all these ways

because I can’t tell you the words out loud. You’re not ready. And I know that. You may never be.

To love is a scary thing

You’re not ready to love so deep that you’re drowning in it and treading at the same time. You’re not ready for the ongoing storm that is all of me

You’re not ready to sink in to my love

like it’s a hot bath after a rough day. You’re not ready to be content with me and only me and that’s OK.

But you can’t stop me from loving you with all my heart.

Maybe some day you’ll be ready. And maybe someday you’ll decide to let me go

And if that day comes

I only pray that instead of throwing me away you release me gently. So I can leave my heart behind and fly away to heal

Because my heart is yours and will be forevermore

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