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The legend of the Yatusa and the Gods of Earth.

It's in our nature

Once upon a time the Gods of nature watched over the earth and were worshiped.

The God of air was worshiped by all the creatures of the sky

The God of water was worshiped by all the creatures of the rivers and the sea

and the God of land was worshiped by all the creatures that walked upon it, except for one.

The Yatusa were a tribe that worshiped no God, they were observers. They remained impartial observers of the World around them. There to appreciate and enjoy the earth.

The Sun God, spinning in the Heavens, rotated above the earth and watched from on high.

One day the Sun God spotted the Yatusa, he saw the way they gazed upon the Earth and saw in them a reflection of himself.

He came down to the Earth and made them an offer. If they would worship him, as other creatures worshiped their Gods, then he would ensure that they could live forever.

They would walk the Earth forever and day, with all the time in the World to enjoy it's many wonders,

but only on one condition; That they continue to enjoy the Earth without damaging or impacting upon it.

The Yatusa were in awe of the Sun God's offer and so they agreed.

For many decades the Yatusa walked the Earth.

They saw the Deserts and the wind rushed sands that danced upon the golden sand dunes.

They saw the frost bitten mountain tops and the goats that clung to their sheer steep hills.

They saw the endless white tundra of the north and the countless little animals that waddled upon it.

There was so much to see and so many places to go, they walked so much that their legs began to change.

They grew tall and strong, towering above the landscape, so that a few quick strides could carry them for miles.

As they grew tall, so the World became small.

The vistas and peaks had lost their grandeur against their new towering frames.

They became cold and uninterested in the World around them, and in their boredom they became disruptive.

They pulled the creatures from the river and threw them on the shore.

They terrorised the small creatures scuttling across the landscape.

They swatted at the birds as they flew the air.

Their actions angered the many Gods of Earth until, in their rage, they rose up against them.

The land God softened the Earth and swallowed their legs, pinning them to the ground

The air God sent fierce gusts of wind that ripped and tore at their gangling limbs

The water God sent daggers of sharp thundering rain down upon them, stinging at their flesh.

The Yatusa reached out to the Sun God in agony, begging for forgiveness, but he could not forgive a broken promise.

As the Earth pulled at their feet their toes became long and achingly thing.

As the wind pulled at their arms they became twisted and contorted beyond all recognition.

As the rain hailed against their skin it became course and rough in texture.

Their toes twisted into roots.

Their arms contorted into branches.

and their skin crinkled and cracked into bark.

After it was all done the Sun God, spinning in the Heavens, looked down upon the Earth and gazed in wonder.

And to this day, where the Yatusa once stood, are now beautiful trees towering into the heavens.

Still reaching out to the Sun God, begging for forgiveness.

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