Moonlight and Love Song
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Moonlight and Love Song A Story by Lea Sheryn

Moonlight and Love Song

Moonlight and Love Song

A Story by Lea Sheryn

Two People in Love

Moonlight and Love Song

By Lea Sheryn

"Moonlight and Love Song Never Out of Date"

The meal was fine and the company even finer. Cara found Anthony to be a courteous well-manner young man who was eager to please.

Sharing a lovely gourmet meal at their favorite seafood restaurant, they had an excellent view from the huge windows overlooking the inlet.

Much to their enjoyment,

dolphins frisked happily in the Florida waters providing instant entertainment to accompany the platter of excellent lobster and juicy steaks that had just been placed before them.

Leaning toward each other over the meal, the conversation flowed in an endless stream. It had been a long time since Anthony had the opportunity to visit his Sunshine State sweetheart.

As soon as he landed at Tampa International Airport, his mind began to whirl with plans that whisked him over the Skyway Bridge toward his destination"the southern city that was her hometown.

Cara had waited patiently for her lover over the long months of his deployment. Now they were finally together, once again, and craving each other's company.

It was Anthony who suggested they stroll along the shore after the meal ended. Neither of them was anxious to draw their date to a close.

Cara readily agreed to linger; certainly she didn't want such a lovely evening to end.

In the moonlight, the slow steady beat of the love song only they could hear played its melody as they leaned close together.

Cara's head rested lightly against Anthony's chest as he leaned forward to nestle into her soft brunette curls.

"Swing On a Star, Carry Moonbeams Home in a Jar"

Sighing in heavenly bliss, Cara leaned her elbows against the protective banister of the boardwalk bridge she and Anthony lingered on.

The cool waters of the inlet rippled beneath her as the night stars twinkled overhead. With her lover's arms wrapped around her waist, she looked upward into the sparkly sky.

Grandly staring down at her from his lofty position amongst the constellations stood the powerful Orion.

Awestruck, Cara held her breath as her gaze met the mighty hunter of myth and legend.

Instantly she knew, from now until eternity, each time she saw Orion her memories would fly back to this wonderful night with Anthony.

Turning to wrap her arms around her dashing young Officer's neck, she gazed wonderingly into his handsome face,

for the first time noticing the flecks of gold threaded into the soft brown of his eyes. In that moment, she knew she wanted to share his life and his name.

Underneath those dancing sparks of evening light, Cara suddenly understood the infinite power of love.

Oh how wonderful it would be if they could swing amongst the heavenly stars of Orion's Belt while moonbeams guided their way to the bliss they both sought.

By the strength of their love for each other, Cara and Anthony could face anything. Their love was strong, powerful and pure magic.

"Give Me a Kiss to Build a Dream On"

Holding hands, the two young lovers drifted along the boardwalk overlooking the clear waters of the inlet. Anthony was caught up in dreams of his own.

How lucky he was to have encountered Cara. She was the love and the light of his life. Army life was often lonely. There were so many assignments and so many moves.

It was difficult to keep in touch with friends when one travels from pillar to post throughout the years. Anthony felt it was time to settle down.

This young sprite was charming, he thought to himself. Cara knew what to say and how to say it.

As Anthony gazed with delight upon this beauty walking at his side, he felt as though he were suddenly at home.

It was a comfortable feeling and a feeling he had never encountered before in his life. Truly the powers that be had Anthony in mind when they created Cara.

Sighing, he brought their promenade to a halt to lean, once again, upon the balustrade.

Beyond the sight of the huge windows of the restaurant hovering as a backdrop behind them, he pulled Cara closer and kissed her warm inviting lips.

His kisses were soft polite little pecks"the first they shared. Full of vibrant energy, Cara knew she wanted more.

Without holding back, she ran her fingers into the short stubble of his back hairs and drew her lover closer. Her kiss was passionate and strong, full of first and immediate love.

Drawing back in surprise, Anthony was left aghast. After only the shortest moment of reflection, he allowed his own passions to break forth.

Their kiss was long and arduous"the kind you can build a dream on. Filled with pure imagination, they began to build their lives together. Now they knew, they would never part. This was love.

The Fundamental Things Apply...As Time Goes By

Finally, with the evening waning, it is time for Cara and Anthony to turn their backs upon the magic of their long awaited encounter.

Grasping hands, they strolled back along the boardwalk and past the restaurant into the parking lot. It is hard to say good-bye to those wonderful moments by the water's edge.

The time that hovers before them is the next step into their futures. Although neither of them wants to let go of each other, reality must be faced.

Their love will remain and new memories will be created but, always, the time they shared this evening will be precious.

It is, always and forever, the same old story. Two people meet and fall in love. There is a beauty in it that lasts, unalterable, until the end of time.

Whether Cara and Anthony fulfill their dreams and reach complete happiness is yet to be seen. What will always remain is the love they feel for each other. That is, indeed, inalterable.

Time may bring them closer together or it may cause them to drift apart. Yet, whenever they meet, or dream about each other, they will always be in love.

True Love is a fundamental thing that will always apply, no matter what the circumstances...As Time Goes By.

Songs used in this story are:

"Would You Like to Swing On a Star" sung by Bing Crosby

"A Kiss to Build a Dream On" sung by Louis Armstrong

"As Time Goes By" sung by the Character Sam (Dooley Wilson) in Casablanca

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