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Elsa and Fredo A Story by Lea Sheryn

Elsa and Fredo

Elsa and Fredo

A Story by Lea Sheryn

Elsa and Fredo is a mini story about two young people who grew up together from their childhood days until they graduate from college.

Elsa and Fredo

Elsa knew Fredo loved her. After all, they had gone to school together. When they were in kindergarten, he pushed her on the swing.

His laughter rang out behind her as her brown pigtails flew up from her slender young back and she sang "Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head".

Even at the youngest age, he was her protector as well as her companion.

Fredo walked Elsa home every day after middle school and high school. He carried her books while she chatted easily about all the things she cared about. His eyes were always on her.

He liked how she blossomed and how her small breasts lifted the front of her sweater.

Fredo took Elsa to the prom. They had grown into a striking couple.

He was swarthy skinned with brown eyes and black hair; she was pale but her hair had darkened to a beautiful shade of chestnut.

As they danced to modern music, she laced her fingers around his neck and sang, "Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head" in whispered tones. He laughed and pulled her close.

They attended the same college and, in their senior year, shared an apartment. Elsa loved Fredo and knew Fredo loved her. They knew each other well. She thought they would be together forever.

As graduation drew near, Elsa spoke of the future but Fredo was evasive. With so much on her mind, she barely noticed his unresponsive answers. She thought their lives were set.

It was time to leave their school days behind. Elsa had found an apartment in the old hometown. All they had to do was pack up and move.

Much to her surprise, she found Fredo had already packed up. He was nowhere to be found. She discovered a note on the kitchen table. Stunned, she sat holding it in both hands.

Fredo told her he couldn't stay with her. She should find someone who was her own type. He loved her, he said, but she could do better.

She was too good for him; he couldn't compete with the other men who would want her.

Letting the note slip from her hands, Elsa felt hot tears course down her cheeks. Fredo was wrong; she only wanted him. She loved him.

She didn't care for other men; Fredo was the only one for her.

Eventually Elsa rose from her lonely seat. She had to pack her things.

As she went to work collecting her scattered belongings, she found herself singing in melancholy tones, "Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head". It was a bittersweet melody.

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