Longer Days
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leafblade Community member
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Nothing lasts forever. Not even the day.

Longer Days

One day, there was one day

Just like any other day, in every way

It didn't want to be like the others

That would just die after they were done

It wanted to last longer

So it asked the sun

"I want to live longer."

"It cannot happen." said the sun

The day didn't want to end

It didn't even have a friend

Time was running out for the day

It looked at the sunset, felt the sun's ray

He realized that not all things can be

The bigger picture, he was able to see

It doesn't matter how long you last

Enjoy the present, before it becomes past

No one ever knows for sure

What happens in the future

Instead of making life long

Do something enjoyable

Write a poem, sing a song

To feel true happiness, we will be able

Learn to live better

And not to last longer

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