Your ocean

lbingamenNo boundaries
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Feeling/being toxic for someone but loving them more.

Your ocean

by lbingamen

I am

A junkie with a wrench and a pencil slowly beginning to dismantle every nut and bolt of your ship that attempts to carry you through

You call me your peach but I am your ocean that pushes and turns you until I sync with your motions. You say i'm leech sucking you dry of the calm out of your life

But how can you mean that when you scream I love you with your eyes?

Am I

Am I made of light or another black hole? Its getting harder to see through the smoke. Am I still pure, or have I gone bad? I always thought you liked me like that.

Sometimes I live on how much you love me. But sometimes it feels like I cannot breathe. Because the wait of everything begins to slowly suffocate me.

Sometimes I live on how much you love me. And I'll use your eyes to see a new me. And I'll try to never leave you in the evening, and I'll always adore you in the morning.

I'll always adore you in the morning

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a year agoReply
It was a more difficult poem to write because of the place it came from, thank you so much! @bernardtwindwil

lbingamenBronze CommaNo boundaries
a year agoReply
Couldn't of said it better myself! @michaelschulze

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
This was a powerful and well written lode to love. Very impressive use of evocative words. Great poem.

a year agoReply
Sometimes we place ourselves in danger by giving so much of ourselves there is no more to give that is when we have to trust that person not too distroy us because we have lowered all our waĺls