Throwing stones
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lbingamenNo boundaries
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(i'm aware i'm a little cliché)

Throwing stones

by lbingamen

You may want to fight fire with fire Thinking it will deliver what you desire Just know that things that have been said can't be taken back again

Just know that everything you do will always be apart of you

For every stone thrown at me They add up on my shoulder And for every year I grow i've thrown my share of boulders If only I knew it's that which makes you colder

If only I knew I would've let them be until the end Instead of adding to someones weight not knowing they need a friend

For every chip in the block there is 10 men working harder For every brick laid the price is paid by the martyr So build and build everyone and see where you end up

Keep on throwing stones trying to fill your empty cups

No I didn't know until I heard the sound For every stone that is thrown one leaves the ground

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