This House
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lbingamenNo boundaries
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This House

by lbingamen

This house was once warm, like everything you touch. There once was running children, and by the creek teens fell in love.

But now its empty and alone, with nothing left but what once was. God I just hope, that never happens to us.

Hand on each hip, you say i've got a secret stuck between my lips. So you hold my face when we kiss, so you can try and get a hold of it.

Agressive, the savage in you takes control. Luckily I have no fear of animals.

Standing in the hall with dirty leaves, and broken windows. Anywhere that we go it always feels like we are alone. Giving me the chills all the way to my weak bones

You're fixing me up in this cold broken home.

As we watched your friends destroy that abandoned attic; I couldn't help but wonder if all endings were so tragic.

So I grip your wrists, to remember how fragile everything is. And I kiss your lips, because somehow its still romantic.

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