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lbingamenNo boundaries
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drowning in thoughts of everything and nothing


by lbingamen

Patterns. Cycles. Coincidences. Circles One wrong move starts another cycle How do we break them? What do these patterns mean?

They occur awake and in dreams The signs are everywhere Your gut screams them But is it intuition or anxiety? Is it fate or random?

How to grow- or to fade The only things with impact are love and patience Yet nothing makes sense What is love besides chemicals?

The important things are nonsense Strength and preserverence- to survive Fear and doubt- for cowards So many paths- outcomes- choices

What do you choose? Where do you go? What do you want? I drown in heavy pools of thought, dragging me under in to silence Is it cowardice? Is it understanding? Or not understanding anything

Everything that matters is nonsense I'll live and dance in nonsense

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