No Guts No Glory
No Guts No Glory poem stories

lbingamenNo boundaries
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Someone trying to take from you when you have nothing but yourself to give. And shedding few crocodile tears for them

No Guts No Glory

by lbingamen

No guts no glory Thats what he told me And made my hand gamble it all away

I got a straight and I knew Thats what I threw Without his hands leading the way

No guts no glory Thats what he sang to me Under the tree on top of the hill Then I fell and sang the lullaby all to myself

Because i've got enough luck in my pocket Without him digging in And I'll do what I want Without his two cents in

Oh crocodile tears He's throwing out guilt Hiding in his fear In the cave he built

Oh crocodile tears His lucks run out He holds me near To try and empty my pockets out

Oh crocodile tears He thinks he's got me But i'm nowhere near Because i'm all guts and glory

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