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danger / vulnerability / risk


(๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥

\(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

there's a shadow hanging over me

too much of the past in my way

too much you to block the view

too much me to be free



it's so good to be here

it's a pleasure to be with you

be with you

you are what my heart desires

the sky is gone

i walk all day and all night

i can bless the night

i can bask in sunlight

as long as the colours burn bright

i can walk all day and all night

as long as i can feel so high

from a place deep inside

a beam burns a straight line

from my eye

to where you reside

no lie to waylay me this time

of course i'm afraid

i'm terrified and i always will be

this is not a story

a myth, a tv show, or a movie

a song sung so sweetly

in real life, you don't know

the answer

what you want

what just happened

where you're going

if someone wants to come with you

even just a part of the way

or if you're brave enough to start

and to never stop

get up when you fall down

i'll help you

i hope someone will help me

because i've fallen before

i'll probably fall again

it might turn out that when i try

i won't make it

i'll never get that biscuit

unless i risk it

imma get me that biscuit

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