What is On Deck?
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laz Curious.
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What is On Deck?

by Laz

On Deck went live on Product Hunt at midnight last night.

By 2AM, it had 100 upvotes... so, what is it?

Answer: Opportunity!

On Deck is an evolving community of entrepreneurs who are about to start or join their next venture. The purpose is to support the growth of extraordinary entrepreneurs and their next move.

How does On Deck do this?

Through intimate dinner events, an exclusive network, and high-quality content.

And it's already pretty well acclaimed...

On Deck is founded by Erik Torenberg, partnering with YCombinator, and vouched for by Arielle Zuckerberg - among many other incredible people - so it's off to an amazing start!

Everyone is welcome to apply!

On Deck is now open for applications from anyone - so apply!

For more information...

Find On Deck on Product Hunt, of course! Join the conversation and follow the link to the application.

See you On Deck!

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