i'll bloom regardless

             i'll bloom regardless sad stories

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my first story, hope u enjoy !! ♥

i'll bloom regardless

this is my first story, i hope you'll enjoy !! ♥

i am no more than a used fruit

i have nothing.

" get her "

" dump her "

what do i know?

yet who would venture

to love me ?

i will only meet him once

and it will only be passing.

no use of calling me back

for more.

you will have plenty of time

to rehearse and remember

the moment where

you'll convince me that

" we'll never part "

but i'm not looking for a saviour

or my knight in sharming armour

to see the proof

and silent truth,

just take a look at

a single solitary flower

she's as beautiful alone.

in reality

no-one bears witness

but regardless, i'll still bloom

with space and time

i'll become my best

and with grace refined

just being, i'll be blessed

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